Heinemann Productions Inc.

Heinemann Productions is an Emmy award winning company with over 20 years of broadcast, sports, corporate, documentary and entertainment production experience. As a Nashville based company and camera crew, Heinemann Productions brings a thorough understanding of television production and organizational skills. A vast array of experience gives Heinemann Productions the ability to be creative and thorough for all clients.


Heinemann Productions was founded by Carl Heinemann who has worked in all facets of television production from a Gaffer to a Producer. Carl found his niche in shooting projects for other Producers. Having won a couple of Regional Emmy awards as a Producer, Carl easily found his role as a shooter with producing experience, which allows for vast creativeness and suggestions. Carl’s background in lighting for film EAallows him the knowledge of lighting techniques giving him a well-respected reputation as a DP. Network Producers and Directors have come to rely on Carl’s creative style to produce top-notch segments and shows.  With his success and network of talent Heinemann Productions was founded to handle all of types of television productions.

Whether your next project needs a very reliable camera crew or a three camera shoot, Heinemann Productions has a deep list of contacts and associates to pull it off… and with great success. So instead of making numerous phone calls let Heinemann Productions supply all your production needs with just one call to him. We only uses experienced network quality associates. Unlike other companies you won’t find us cutting corners to simply fill a position. After all it is our reputation on the line. So if your next video project with your high profile client or celebrity needs a camera crew in Nashville or the Southeast or if your television network needs a story profiled please look no further..