References provided upon request; however, this is what they're saying: 

Carl is an exceptional cameraman with a producer's eye. He makes it extremely easy to edit a package together because he knows exactly what's needed to put together a visually beautiful piece. He captured camera angles I didn't even know existed! I've worked with a lot of cameramen and he's the only one I know that would hop on the front of a moving tractor! He is a true professional, easy to work with, and really takes pride in his amazing work. My bosses and co-workers raved about the quality of his work...and deservingly so.

Allison Kurtzman
The Dave Ramsey Show - FOX Business

I really appreciate the hard work and dedication you three camera and audio ops put into the show. I know how hard it is, physically and mentally, to chase people around for three days. The experience you lent to this project was critical to its success in the field. Thank you for your skill, professionalism and execution.

Michael Flueck
The Endless Yard Sale - HGTV
High Noon Entertainment

"Carl, your behind-the-scenes team access is our secret weapon. It gives us an edge and we know how much the viewers enjoy it. It goes without saying that we rely on your hustle, your powers of persuasion and your ability to self-produce. I think we can continue to grow your visibility! "

Andy Pollack
FS South/SportSouth

I just wanted to say thank you for your work with our Memphis shoot a few months back. I just returned from editing the piece, and it is in the edit room where the quality and effort of the photographer is most transparent. The footage you provided was top notch and frankly made our story significantly better. However, I am just as appreciative over the effort you gave with getting that material. From viewing the tape I could see you tirelessly moving from location to location to get several different angles and options. Again, a very big thank you. I enjoy working with you and look forward to doing so again soon.

Greg Amante
Chicago Bureau Producer

"Carl is a skilled, creative and extremely hard working shooter that does what takes to get the job done. His skills go beyond being an ENG photographer; he can produce as well which makes him even more valuable in this day and age."

Steven Becker
FOX Sports Net South/SportSouth
Coordinating Producer, Original Programming

"Carl Heinemann is an absolute pleasure to work with on the road. He brings an enthusiasm to his work that is unmatched in the industry. He always wants to make sure that you get the shot you are looking for, plus he has the ability to think and function as a producer as well - and is always pushing the envelope on creative ideas. Carl also is very courteous of the subjects - making them feel comfortable and instantly at ease. One of my favorite memories of working with Carl was when we worked together on a feature about a basketball player - and Carl had the idea of putting a ladder behind the glass backboard to get a unique shot of our subject shooting baskets by himself. I never will forget seeing Carl sitting on the ladder 10 feet up in the air trying to balance him and the camera - all the while trying to focus on our subject shooting jumpers. That extra effort and creativity defines Carl Heinemann.

Bill Friedman
Feature Producer – Sportscenter

"Our business is filled with creative, organized, and hardworking professionals. Over the years, Fox Sports Net has trusted Carl Heinemann many, many times to deliver the high quality product our network demands. Carl has never disappointed. He goes the extra mile to get the job done right. He has the personality to diffuse difficult situations, and to put at ease the most difficult people. He has elevated our coverage, and I highly recommend his work."

Hammond Reynolds
Executive Producer
FSN South & Turner South

"There hasn't been a time that I have contacted Carl and he hasn't been able to help me out. Even on short notice!! He is very reliable and I would recommend him highly."

Chrissy Shaughnessy
Production Coordinator
NFL Films

"Carl has an outstanding ability to conceptualize your vision and bring it to life through the camera. He was a terrific collaborator on one of the funniest ESPN features I have ever produced and I strongly recommend him."

Andy Tennant
Feature Producer - Sportscenter

"As a hockey reporter who covers all 30 teams in the NHL, I can say, without question, that whenever I'm sent to Nashville to cover the Predators, Carl Heinemann is the first phone call I make. He's an excellent shooter who knows the ins and outs of the sports world in Tennessee so I am always assured of a professional, first-rate job from Carl."

Christine Simpson
Rogers Sports Net

"Carl has a positive "can do" attitude and gets exactly what is needed with out a lot of hands on instructions. He always goes above and beyondthe shooting requirements to give you the shot you need."

Beth Larson
Remote Operations Coordinator – Inside the PGA Tour
PGA Tour Productions

"Carl is passionate, hard-working, and always tries to do "something different". He thinks like a producer and makes any shoot very user friendly. I'd highly recommend Carl for any sports shoot in his area."

Scott Turken
Feature Producer - College Gameday

"Working with Carl on Trading Spaces was an awesome experience. His professionalism and enthusiasm as DP made for great television."

Larry Blasé
Producer - Trading Spaces
TLC/Banyan Productions

"Improvisation. That's the best way to describe Carl Heinemann's performance when I worked with him last August. We had to shoot thirteen Hummer's on an off-road course for a Discovery documentary and we really didn't know what to expect. Before the shoot we talked strategy, planned shots, and made a game plan. But as soon as we hit that muddy trail we realized that our plans were shot and this day was going to be nothing like we expected. Carl hit the ground running. Without missing a beat he adapted to the environment and tirelessly got one great shot after another. It was a long, hot, exhausting day, but Carl never stopped, switching from beta to DV, jumping from one Hummer to the next, mounting lipstick cams and running along with the trucks always in pursuit of the most exciting shots. And when it came time to shoot our key interview, he composed a shot in the field that made for the best-looking interview in the whole show. That day could have been a disaster but Carl turned it into the most exciting and professional shoots I've ever been on. Carl makes producers happy in the field by going above and beyond, and editors happy in the edit room by providing the best footage. I would work with Carl again anywhere, anytime and on anything."

Mark Doyle
Field Producer - Seven Wonders of the Automobile
Discovery Channel/ABC News Productions

"The drama of Hummers off-roading is hard to capture on camera. Standing on the steep incline or near the big rock you have a 3-D sense of scale that helps make the trucks ability really come to life. Carl was one of the few videographers that really managed to create a sense of scale. The footage on the Discovery Channel piece was some of the best I've seen in four years of HUMMER PR. The scale, the drama and the attitude of HUMMER came across loud & clear. Carl's sense of adventure to get out there and get dirty in the process was also very HUMMER-like. Great Job!"

Wendy Orthman
Executive Producer - GMTV
HUMMER Communications

"I am extremely pleased with the way our feature turned out and a great deal of the credit goes to Carl Heinemann and his crew that day. I enjoyed working with them very much and their professionalism and quality of work is amongst the best I've experienced."

Eric Neuschwander
Associate Producer – NHL on TSN

"You ought to be proud. The photography is Awesome! Great Work! I look forward to working with you again."

Joe Schreiber
Senior Producer – George Michael Sports Machine

"Phenomenal shooting. Gorgeous lighting. Fantastic sound & tech. I wish New York had more guys like Carl Heinemann."

Mary Ade
Producer – People in the News
CNN Productions, New York

"Not only is Carl a network photographer, he makes sure we always have the sound and other editorial elements we need. This is especially important in the era of being able to use fewer people on a shoot, or when newsbreaks and he may be the only person there to help you get it covered and fed! Quality. Reliability. Intelligence. Thoroughness. Speed. These describe Carl's effort for our news organization for more than a decade."

Steve Smith
Former Bureau Chief
ABC News and Fox Sports Net South

"Carl has been a great addition to the HBO Sports freelance team, and comes with one of the best attitudes in the business. Carl's work is solid, creative and reliable. We always feel we can count on him, not only to shoot a story for us, but also become part of the creative process, which brings it about. He is one of my unqualified recommendations."

Mike Davies
Production Manager
Inside the NFL/Real Sports/Boxing
HBO Sports

"Carl has always provided good crews. They are professional, offer good ideas, and know what they're doing."

Erik Gamborg
Former Production Manager – Beyond the Glory
Fox Sports Net, Los Angeles

Carl Heinemann is one of the best cameramen that ESPN uses. I have personally made sure that when an ESPN event or game that the network is covering in the Tennessee area, that Carl is hired to make it a success. Carl's work ethic experience, abilities and contacts are endless. Having him is like having an ESPN Producer on site. I can't stress how much I wish I could hire him for the other 49 states."

Dave Stevens
NFL Assignment Editor

"A well-traveled renaissance DP with a blue collar shooter's work ethic, Carl is a talented, creative cameraman who uses his skills and collaborative temperament to fulfill a Producer/Director's vision. Highly recommended."
Amani Martin
Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel

"He is truly one of the best lighting cameraman I've ever worked with. He made our network special look great." George Ciccarone

Former Senior Editorial Producer
Beyond The Glory
Fox Sports Net, Los Angeles

"Carl is the right person for any job. I am impressed with his lighting, visual sense and mellifluous camera moves! He is also a very nice guy, and makes the clients feel comfortable."

Joanne Fish
Intimate Portrait
Actuality Productions/ Lifetime

"Carl has been a staple around the Titans facility working with ESPN, CNNSI, FOX and HBO among others on a number of projects. He has a great knowledge of what we do and how to do it efficiently and in a quality manner."

Robbie Bohren
Media Relations Director
Tennessee Titans